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Blood+ OP3
Yeah, I'm stupid and put off my homework again.

So I figured that I can't be bored anymore. There's so much stuff to do! I've kept myself busy lately with subbing Savers. We have a bunch of stuff that's close to release. :D And don't forget to check out Savers 16 while you're at it.
Aside from that, I now have access to the school website. If you can tell, I changed the thing at the top so now it's an image instead of that ugly text. Not great but still better. I also fixed the school profile. Basically, it was like... I can either do my homework or play with the website. Guess which one I picked. :p
I've also been playing with my new Gr. 9 piano book which is a lot of fun. So much new stuff~
Oh, and I've been knitting. o_O; That's right.

I was about to open my game up, and then I found out FutureShop lowered their price by $3.00. I'm seriously going back there to get the $3.00. :O Hey, $3.00 can be a lot...

Watched DEATH NOTE and D. Gray-man 03. I'm seriously surprised at how fast DEATH NOTE is moving. So crazy. The storyline is awesome. And D. Gray-man went by really fast. x_x; Stupid cliffhanger ending...

Hm... was supposed to go skating on Wednesday with a friend, but I have no skates. ;-; I can't find my old ones (apparently my parents say they won't fit anway) anywhere, and my mom has no time to take me to get new ones yet... But, I'll go skating soon. :D

Ohh, I went for volunteer training today. (Apparently they messed up and it was Sunday, not Saturday) I didn't know anyone.. kinda sucked.. Except at the end, this one girl recognized me because she apparently goes to Eastwood. She saw me in the halls before and knew me 'cause I "do music." That's kinda cool. o.O;

This week is the University Information Night. Man, if I miss this I will be so frustrated. I really need to figure out what I'm doing next year.

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Ed - Alchemize!! XD
I think I really want this CD. Maybe I'll ask my brother to order it for me when I get money...

So... I definitely got 3 hours of sleep last night. :O Really sucked. Well, when I stay up at least I usually don't feel the effects until around 5th period. Actually, we had a video 4th as well and I was basically head-bobbingly tired from that (videos make me sleepy). But I had Chamber today too and maannn, I was like going crazy. On top of that, I got a ride at 5:30pm which is an hour after we finished. What a waste of time... *sigh*
So I got home, ate... then I fell asleep for around 3 hours, which was nice. Now I have to study for my 2 tests tomorrow. -___-;

Oh, we had a 'meeting' for enrichment info. I found out about this cool lecture, but apparently it's completely full. x__X; Bah.
And he was talking about how the website sucks and how he wants a separate page for enrichment. WTF, everyone's stealing my freaking job. If no one took it over in the first place, IT WOULDN'T SUCK SO MUCH. And he was thinking maybe someone could work on it for enrichment... could at least talk to me... I'm supposed to be in charge but I still don't have access by myself. -.-; *frustrated* And it seems like everyone wants their own mini-page... seems pointless though.

Hm.. so guess what made my day yesterday? I found a package from Germany! Totally awesome. Aww.. I miss my German friend so much. ;.; Everyone does. I showed off the stuff I got at school. ;D

Well today sucks, pretty much. Can't wait 'til I have some free time! There's a lot I need to do. *thinks* Finishing timing some Savers, work on the website, organize my notes, work on my resume, work on an assignment.. I guess that last one doesn't really count for free time since it's school. Oh well.

The max I will stay up to tonight is 2:00am. That way I'll have had 7 hours of sleep. That's a lot better than 3. ;p Then I can just study during 1st period tomorrow.

Oh, and here's a random halloween meme I stole from Lith. :DCollapse )

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Kida - bang.
Heck yeah, I'm listening to Yo-Yo Ma.

Anyway, uhh... I'm thinking of volunteering at this event. It's called "Family Fun Days," and actually, I don't really know what it's about... but the cause is for "Schools For Africa Campaign." I think it looks pretty cool and there aren't a lot of events that I've seen that I think I'd enjoy. Oh yeah, Nik, you should come! I just found out Hunsie's band is part of the entertainment line-up. ;D Soo, yeah. I do have to check dates with some people to make sure I don't miss anything important though. But it is okay with my parents. I guess I also have to check if there are spots left. o.O; I hope so.

Working on my music presentation... I totally hate presentations. Especially by myself; I can't do them, I get really nervous. AHHH, I really don't want to do this tomorrow. ;.;
Oh yeah, I was working on this one part having to do with this composer guy. I actually wrote computer composter composer. :p Twice. Such a hard word. :O

So... I'm going to senior band on Friday! Apparently I get to hit stuff. That's right. I hope it's fun; I haven't been in band before (except for class). Now I just need something to fill in my Monday slot so I'll have stuff to do while waiting for a ride. ;) Junior Strings is neat to watch but I need something more fulfilling than that.

Heh, I just went downstairs to play the piano for a bit. Is it sad that I play piano and help sub anime in my spare time? o.O;

Well... back to my music project!

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Blood+ OP3
The first five people to respond to this post will get some form of art, by me. I make no guarantees about quality, type, or timely delivery but I will assure that I will give it a good effort. The only catch, of course; as with most memes, if you sign up, you have to put this in your own journal as well.

Will definitely take a while... There's so much crap to do this week. x__X;

Kida - bang.
GAHH I MISSED ALL THE UNIVERSITY SEMINARS. T___T Every single one I was interested in, I missed. So I'll have to go to that one thing that's in the evening with all the universities... The ones I missed were Conestoga College, University of Waterloo, Wilfred Laurier University, and I'm missing Mohawk College on Friday because I have testing at that time.

In other news... I spent a lot of money today... I bought an SD card (256 MB) for my mp3 player and USB stick (1 GB). I also bought a blueberry pie and a chocolate bar~ So I spent around $60. ._.; Bye bye money.

I've also been seriously thinking of applying for a job... as time goes by, I'm getting more scared of doing it. Ugh.. I dunno, I just feel really intimidated.

We're getting underway with the gala act... I'm not sure if we can organize it quick enough, but we'll try. It'd be so much fun. Lots of work tomorrow. Also, I finally looked up the theme: 'Vantage Point'. It doesn't really make sense, but whatever.

We're also getting some stuff for the website... still have a lot of questions, still don't have access. But anyway, I'm designing the activities page. I haven't had time the past few days, but I have a small idea of what I want.

Ugh.. I have a test tomorrow that I'm not ready for... I should go study some more, but there's a lot of other things to do as well.

I really hate Grade 12. Things are scaring me. Maybe I should come back next year?

Blood+ OP3
Last year, I was in Cape Breton for Thanksgiving, so it's nice to be home. Saturday & Sunday, we've had church parties so there was tons of food. I'm eating WAAAYY too much... plus we're apparently having our own turkey dinner tomorrow. x__x; Must... get... exercise...

Thanks to all that wished me a happy birthday! :DD
My official total in CDN is now $170. I also got a giftcard and some USD, but it's pretty much all money this year. I thought that was a lot, but this girl at my church (she turned 11 on Saturday; went to her party) got $470. Like, seriously, what is she going to do with that?! Apparently, that's also common for the kids at church... I asked them, and they all got $400-$500 for their birthdays, plus clothes and toys and stuff. .__.; And they get parties every year... Did I mention the one girl got 5 big item gifts for her birthday? A piano, guitar, piano lessons, guitar lessons and a Nintendo DS. I'm seriously jealous. I haven't even had a party since Grade 2 until this year. GAAHH I'm just really, really jealous of this spoiled kids nowadays. (I even consider myself spoiled, but this is just too much)

Because I'm not going out anywhere tomorrow, I had planned to work on the school site, since we're finally getting underway. :) HOWEVER, my brother just said that he wants to reformat the computer so we can give my other brother's harddrive back. That takes the whole day, apparently... REALLY sucks. I guess I can always draw layout ideas and such, but what takes forever is the coding. So much for my work day. :\

Hm.. watched D. Gray Man today! Animation looks awesome. I was really surprised with Allen's voice.. I thought he'd sound like a teenager. o_O; Sorry, I don't know anything about the manga, but it's just my thought. It looks cool though, so I'll stick with it.
DEATH NOTE also just finished, so I'mma go watch that soon. Not sure if I'll keep up with that yet or not, because of moral issues... I only read a little of the manga, so maybe it'll turn out different that what I'm thinking.

So... Happy Thanksgiving!! Have a good one~

Best birthday ever!
Kida - bang.
So it's officially my birthday today yesterday today. :p I love my school friends so much for stuff. :D

Started out this morning with Smog Free Day! Got to school early and handed out stickers and ballots to people. Running up to random people is fun~ XP I think I did a good job being enthusiastic and such.
First period was radio fun. Then I went to the caf to study. Not really though... But Nat, Larissa, and Shelby came to sit with me and Blair, so it ended up just being fun.
Second period, did boring theory. I think our class may be doing some sort of Gala act? We still need to make Hunsie agree to it. Then for the second half, we played around, and played some more Super Mario music. That's another Gala act! :DD
Third period, filled with talking and free chocolate! Then we got dismissed early.
Fourth, we got CUPCAKES! I'd show pictures but I can't find the camera cable right now... Anyway... Mr. Ray actually let us do that for a while. I also got presents from Sam and Madina! Chocolate, colouring book, crayons, socks, a toy car and a Nintendo T-shirt. 8D Totally awesome. I feel bad about the cost though so I'll have to do something really nice for her birthday.
Then fifth, we had a test, which I know I did badly on. -__-;

Oh, and I got a birthday announcment courtesy of Steph! I really always wanted something like that, so it's a nice way to end my last birthday in highschool (sooo weird to be saying that). I also got a record number of "Happy Birthday"s~

After school, got my yearbook, and got a ride home because I have too much crap to carry.
EDIT: Ohh yeah, the yearbook was alright. It's kinda.. too crowded, IMO. Too many pics, text was squeezed, etc. Also, there were a bunch of mistakes I saw and I only looked on the stuff I was in. They even made mistakes on names. o.O; I also have an issue with some of the pictures' quality. Oh, and too much repetition. There was one pic used twice with a different caption, on separate pages.. kinda weird.. I also found myself on this 2 page spread SEVEN TIMES. Seriously, too many pictures... [/review]

Then went to the mall with a friend, also saw Vincenzo there which was neat. I then bought Teen Titans: Season 2 and some chocolate milk. :D

Afterwards, I went to Best Buy and Futureshop with my brothers and bought 2 more DVDs (Memoirs of a Geisha and FMA vol. 2).

I got home and found out the last episode of Hachikuro II was subbed! Watched that and am now writing this. Sad to see it go.. Hachikuro was awesome. I don't really understand the ending fully yet though... >.>;


Kida - bang.
You know, it's really hard to write a reflection on yourself when your views change everyday.

I've been so tired lately... no idea why... gah, I need to sleep soon. I actually slept 13 hours straight on Saturday. x__x; And I'm continuing to yawn.

Half of today was awesome, and the rest was depressing. Let's see what tomorrow has to offer.

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Kida - bang.
So freaking tired... still doing homework... boo...

Hmm... Thursday was the dance. Tons of fun. :p Finished at 10:30pm so I stayed over at my brother's place. Then the next day I went to school at 8:45-ish which is really late to me. :D Sure felt better though.
Oh, then Friday was Buy Out day, which went alright. Classes were soo boring, as usual. I think the event went pretty well though.

Uhm... on Saturday, my cousin from the US came over for our birthday party thing. So we had fun doing random stuff. We had to clean up and crap though. ._.; I had to sleep on the couch again... boo... not even the normal couch, but the love seat, which is too small.

Anyway, today me and my dad had our birthday party. Mostly for my dad because he's 60; I'm 17 but it's not really an important year. So, next year, when I'm 18, then I'll have a party centered on me. XP

Went nicely though.. a lot of people, but it ended pretty early, IMO. Probably because there's school tomorrow and the fact that we live in Kitchener. (most people there live in Hamilton) So, uh... yeah. All I got was money. o.O; Money and a giftcard. Guess I'm hard to buy for? I do enjoy money though... >.>;

Hopefully I can finish homework before 12... so tired!! And it's just the cabinet stuff, too... oh, and I have a test tomorrow, but I'll just study during spare. >__>;

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Kida - bang.
We had a test today... finished in 20-30 minutes, then sat there doing nothing for like 40 minutes.

Well anyway...
Lately, I've been a lot more comfortable around people and myself... it feels good. It makes me think about how much we've all changed from Grade 9. Yeah... like when I wouldn't talk much and was too shy to do anything, it sucked. And now I'm a weird idiot who says random things too much. Or something. But I like it now because I'm not afraid to do a lot of things.

Hm.. I was stupid today and didn't do my homework. Instead, I watched Avatar 2x12 and 2x13 which were AWESOME as usual. Avatar rocks my socks. Oh, and Ouran 23, which also rocks my rocks. And I played some DS. Maann, I need one of my own. ;_; So addicting~


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