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Wisdom teeth
Kida - bang.
Can anyone tell me anything about any experiences they had with wisdom teeth? One of mine started to hurt a few hours ago and I'm trying to find out what happens with different people...

I'm also especially concerned 'cause I don't want to be drugged up this week 'cause of my exam on friday. >___>;

Any kind of message will be appreciated. :3

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If your wisdom teeth grow out normally (straight, not crooked), they will make your gums swell up (top and bottom)and irritate you. You'll constantly feel like the back of your teeth has something in it, and it'll be very very annoying. Sooner or later you'll feel a tooth spike sticking out of the top and bottom, and eventually grow out nicely.

However, if either one from the set is crooked, you need both removed because they need to come in pairs. If the top is missing the bottom or vice versa, it won't be able to grind each other to keep it balanced.

There are 2 ways of doing the removal: completely knocked out, or partially knocked out. Whole body anesthetics require a hospital visit, i think. You get to pass out there and wake up and everything is done. Clinical dentists usually do the consciously drugged up bit, i think. They just inject your jaw with huge doses of painkillers so your face becomes numb. You still feel a little pain though, esp when they have to force it open. If you're not lucky and your teeth grows sideways, they drill apart your teeth and take it out in pieces. It's pretty painful regardless of painkillers :)

I got all 4 of my teeth removed a few years ago at the clinic with the partial anesthetics method. I'm a pretty sound sleeper, so I had it done at around 6ish. It takes about 6-8 hours for the initial pain killers to wear off, and it makes you pretty sluggish. the pain killers wore off during my sleep, so when I woke up in the morning i didn't feel anything. There wasnt much swelling either, and I was perfectly fine day after. I don't hear much stories like my case though, but maybe you're lucky like me.

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