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Wisdom teeth
Kida - bang.
Can anyone tell me anything about any experiences they had with wisdom teeth? One of mine started to hurt a few hours ago and I'm trying to find out what happens with different people...

I'm also especially concerned 'cause I don't want to be drugged up this week 'cause of my exam on friday. >___>;

Any kind of message will be appreciated. :3

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My wisdom teeth didn't really bother me since they weren't connected to the roots, but I still had surgery done and they popped them out in 10 minutes. However, I still got swelling and I still had to go through the process of only consuming liquids and mushy foods for a whole week. :/ Since it didn't hurt that much afterwards I took vicadin for the first couple of days and then stopped.

I don't know, but the fact that one of them is aching might be a sign that you need to get them removed.

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