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Blood+ OP3
Apparently, I can find so much useless crap to do to waste my time. >___>;

Today I got as far as pulling out my books and stuff, and erasing stuff, but I didn't actually write anything...

Well, I'm supposed to go study at a friend's house tomorrow. Unfortunately, I have 2 tests coming up and I don't think I'll have time to study for Chemistry, which is the harder one. >.>

Gala auditions this week... probably not getting home 'til 6 everyday. ;-;

Erm.. I got nominated for Rebel of the Week for getting the Arts Package site up this week, but unfortunately, I didn't get it. I lost to the Remembrance Day assembly organizers... I actually was thinking about this earlier and knew it was going to happen. :O

Today, I found out I'm totally conflicted on Saturday. Supposed to be in 2 parades, go perform, and go to 2 birthday parties. Waahh.. can't choose~ ;-;

Anyway... I'm extremely tired for some reason, so I'm going to bed without doing work again~

Oh, and Limited Edition FMA movie DVD comes out tomorrow. >o< I should go buy that.


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