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Kida - bang.
Came back from OSLC.

Scott Hammell is awesome.

Speakers can be quite crazy.

I need to make more friends in Cabinet.


Anyway, today was a half day, but not really. I stayed to work on the website until 4:00, and I didn't get home until around 5-ish? Kinda sucked. We did make progress though.. however, no one can even see the progress yet. :p

Chem test tomorrow. UGH. I'm going to do horribly because I haven't been able to keep up/understand everything. -____-;;; I need to study tonight but I keep putting it off. >.>;

It's being put off due to anime.. today, I watched D. Grayman 04 and 05 and Savers 26. Savers 26 was weird. My main reaction was to the fact that they randomly all changed clothes.
"Yoshino! Touma! You've decided to change after all this time!" :p Yeah, I thought it was weird...
I also have a lot of random comments that I may post when we release this one.

Erm... gig tomorrow with Emily... we'll be background music at Bingeman's. Will I ever have spare time?


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