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Apparently I need a feedback page now. XD

If I have bought something from you, please leave me some feedback! It will be much appreciated.

Thank you. :)
Roy - Fire (Hagaren 2)

Fullmetal Alchemist 2 icons~

Hurray! Sunday = ♥

I wanted to make a bunch of icons before it aired... my goal was 20. ;__; *shakes fist at school work* Well, I still have a few days. :)

More soon!

01. 02. 03. 04. 05.
06. 07. 08. 09. 10.
011. 012.

Please comment/credit if you take anything. :D
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Wisdom teeth

Can anyone tell me anything about any experiences they had with wisdom teeth? One of mine started to hurt a few hours ago and I'm trying to find out what happens with different people...

I'm also especially concerned 'cause I don't want to be drugged up this week 'cause of my exam on friday. >___>;

Any kind of message will be appreciated. :3


It's been... more than a year since my last update?

I've been thinking off getting a paid account so I can change all my old entries to private... I changed the last 50 or so, but it would take way too long to do 4 years of entries manually. XD And then I think I'll come back to LiveJournal.

By the way, this show is still as epic as ever. But not as manly as the japanese version.

... Will anyone even see this?
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Blood+ OP3

(no subject)

Apparently, I can find so much useless crap to do to waste my time. >___>;

Today I got as far as pulling out my books and stuff, and erasing stuff, but I didn't actually write anything...

Well, I'm supposed to go study at a friend's house tomorrow. Unfortunately, I have 2 tests coming up and I don't think I'll have time to study for Chemistry, which is the harder one. >.>

Gala auditions this week... probably not getting home 'til 6 everyday. ;-;

Erm.. I got nominated for Rebel of the Week for getting the Arts Package site up this week, but unfortunately, I didn't get it. I lost to the Remembrance Day assembly organizers... I actually was thinking about this earlier and knew it was going to happen. :O

Today, I found out I'm totally conflicted on Saturday. Supposed to be in 2 parades, go perform, and go to 2 birthday parties. Waahh.. can't choose~ ;-;

Anyway... I'm extremely tired for some reason, so I'm going to bed without doing work again~

Oh, and Limited Edition FMA movie DVD comes out tomorrow. >o< I should go buy that.
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(no subject)

My goal for the rest of the week (until Friday) is to not watch ANY anime so I can get some more work done. I'm going to count this is episodes only... so OP/ED clips and music are okay.

So... hopefully, you guys can help me enforce this... especially sasuke86, that means don't send me any video clips this week. D:

In other news, I started watching CODE GEASS. It's like the new Gundam SEED. o.o; But no more until Friday...
Kida - bang.


I miss my skates. ;_;

We traded them in today, so I could have skates that actually fit me. >_>;
Even though they looked like crap (all discoloured and 'chewed up') they're gonna sell them for $80. o_O; Also, apparently they're really high end and were worth like $400 when new. :O
I also liked the shape and feel better...

Oh well, I can go skating now at least. <.<;

Also, I got the Arts Package part of the school site up, which is sort of a relief. I guess.
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(no subject)

I've been having weird days lately... Hard to descibe... Sort of bad, but really.. more confusing that anything.

Me and Emily had a gig tonight, it went pretty well. The people were really nice and we had a nice area to play in. Kinda neat. Think this stuff could count as job experience? Hahaha.

Gala's coming up. When that's done, that'll be a load of my back. -.-;

I made a myspace today. That's right. LiveJournal still pwns it, but I'd like to learn how to code stuff in myspace if people want layouts...

Um... I swear, I had more stuff to write about, but I forgot. ;-; Oh well.
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(no subject)

Came back from OSLC.

Scott Hammell is awesome.

Speakers can be quite crazy.

I need to make more friends in Cabinet.


Anyway, today was a half day, but not really. I stayed to work on the website until 4:00, and I didn't get home until around 5-ish? Kinda sucked. We did make progress though.. however, no one can even see the progress yet. :p

Chem test tomorrow. UGH. I'm going to do horribly because I haven't been able to keep up/understand everything. -____-;;; I need to study tonight but I keep putting it off. >.>;

It's being put off due to anime.. today, I watched D. Grayman 04 and 05 and Savers 26. Savers 26 was weird. My main reaction was to the fact that they randomly all changed clothes.
"Yoshino! Touma! You've decided to change after all this time!" :p Yeah, I thought it was weird...
I also have a lot of random comments that I may post when we release this one.

Erm... gig tomorrow with Emily... we'll be background music at Bingeman's. Will I ever have spare time?
Kida - bang.

(no subject)

You know, none of the Grade 9's think I'm in Grade 12. I think they're in disbelief.

I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Hm... overall, I'd say today was an awesome day. For a second, I was thinking it was bad because I haven't studied for my tests tomorrow, but that's just tomorrow. Today itself rocked.

Farking tests. I don't understand chemistry.

And now I'm going to sleep. I think I'll just study during 1st period. :p
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