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Kida - bang.
My goal for the rest of the week (until Friday) is to not watch ANY anime so I can get some more work done. I'm going to count this is episodes only... so OP/ED clips and music are okay.

So... hopefully, you guys can help me enforce this... especially sasuke86, that means don't send me any video clips this week. D:

In other news, I started watching CODE GEASS. It's like the new Gundam SEED. o.o; But no more until Friday...

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Dude, you just need to be in similar conditions as I am right now and you'll forget to catch up with any of the anime you watch.

o.O; I guess so.

It's just really tempting... when I get home, I hop on the computer and the easiest thing to do on the computer is watch stuff. Especially when you're tired, but not enough to sleep. XD

I also use the desk that the computer's on to do my homework since it's a better desk than the one in my room... I used to do it on the table in front of the TV but I kept falling asleep. XD;

Yeah, I suck. >.>;

Yeah, for me my laptop's in the most uncomfortable spot ever and I'm too lazy to move it to a more comfortable area. As for homework, I usually end up working on my homework at the student union building before I go to the class that the homework's due for. XD;

We're the best students evar. 8D

(Isn't it weird that I accidently typed 'stupidts' when trying to spell 'students'? I think it's a sign.)

Best students for the win! 8B

(I take pride in knowing the fact that I'm not as stupid as the other students that surround me here at this school. XD)

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Yeah, you should finish that stuff. o.o;

I'm just really impressed with GEASS' animation really... the story's just like a mix of a lot of other stuff.

And what are you watching right now? 8D

(Deleted comment)
Hey man, I'm addicted. It's like the equivalent of watching TV to some people. (I really don't watch much TV lately anyway...)

Ugh... freakin' work. And Gala! That's a lot of work. XD

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