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Blood+ OP3
Yeah, I'm stupid and put off my homework again.

So I figured that I can't be bored anymore. There's so much stuff to do! I've kept myself busy lately with subbing Savers. We have a bunch of stuff that's close to release. :D And don't forget to check out Savers 16 while you're at it.
Aside from that, I now have access to the school website. If you can tell, I changed the thing at the top so now it's an image instead of that ugly text. Not great but still better. I also fixed the school profile. Basically, it was like... I can either do my homework or play with the website. Guess which one I picked. :p
I've also been playing with my new Gr. 9 piano book which is a lot of fun. So much new stuff~
Oh, and I've been knitting. o_O; That's right.

I was about to open my game up, and then I found out FutureShop lowered their price by $3.00. I'm seriously going back there to get the $3.00. :O Hey, $3.00 can be a lot...

Watched DEATH NOTE and D. Gray-man 03. I'm seriously surprised at how fast DEATH NOTE is moving. So crazy. The storyline is awesome. And D. Gray-man went by really fast. x_x; Stupid cliffhanger ending...

Hm... was supposed to go skating on Wednesday with a friend, but I have no skates. ;-; I can't find my old ones (apparently my parents say they won't fit anway) anywhere, and my mom has no time to take me to get new ones yet... But, I'll go skating soon. :D

Ohh, I went for volunteer training today. (Apparently they messed up and it was Sunday, not Saturday) I didn't know anyone.. kinda sucked.. Except at the end, this one girl recognized me because she apparently goes to Eastwood. She saw me in the halls before and knew me 'cause I "do music." That's kinda cool. o.O;

This week is the University Information Night. Man, if I miss this I will be so frustrated. I really need to figure out what I'm doing next year.


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